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South East

Target the country's most populated region

South East taxi advertising

Our bespoke taxi advertising campaigns can see your brand make an unrivalled impact on the streets of the busiest towns and cities in South East England:
• Reach major cities including Brighton, Canterbury, Oxford, Portsmouth and Southampton and other major urban areas like Reading and Milton Keynes.
• It’s the perfect location to reach those commuting to and from London for work.
• It’s an ideal solution for brand awareness, product sales or PR campaigns.
• You can also Target those travelling to and from London Gatwick Airport.

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Why advertise in South East England?

A region with fantastic links to the capital, the South East is home to a large working demographic – many of whom are regular commuters to London. These links mean your Taxi advertising campaign will be seen by industry leaders and business people on their way into the capital.
Gatwick Airport lies in its boundaries and, as the UK’s 2nd busiest airport which attracts millions of flyers each year – perfect to target international as well as a national audience.

There are an incredible 16 major universities in the South East, including Oxford and Kent. This makes the region ideal if you’re looking to reach an invaluable audience of students, graduates and young professionals.

South East England is an ideal location if your brand is aimed at a diverse demographic, with the highest percentage of people born outside of Britain other than London.
It is an affluent region, and ideal for brands looking to drive sales and encourage major spending. Low unemployment and a large ABC1 demographic percentage make it a great location to reach an audience with money to spend.

London Taxi Advertising has been driving brands to success on a nationwide level for over ten years, working with businesses large and small. Want to see what we could do for your brand? Get in touch today.

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London Taxi Advertising offers your brand promotion anywhere in the UK.

We offer a range of taxi advertising packages, allowing you to target specific towns, cities or regions, as well as nationally. Get in touch with us today and reach a key audience by advertising in some of the UK’s busiest cities, including:

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