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Reach people with a North East-based taxi advertising campaign

Taxi advertising in the North East

London Taxi Advertising has over ten years’ experience in driving brands to success on the streets of the UK’s busiest towns and cities, and we can help your business and products stand out in style on the streets of North East England:
• The ideal location to target a younger audience.
• A top region for shopping – you’ll be able to target those heading to the Gateshead Metro Centre.
• One of the UK’s most visited regions thanks to Newcastle’s world-famous nightlife and attractions.

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Why advertise in the North East?

North East England is home to approximately 2.6 million people, covering Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne, Wear and the Tees Valley.
Advertising in the North East targets those in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham-as well as Darlington, Gateshead, Middlesbrough.

The region is thriving in terms of higher education, with its five universities attracting students from across the nation and internationally, so there’s a pool of students to target your campaign at and it’s a fantastic way to reach a younger audience.

The North East attracts millions of visitors each year, with Newcastle’s famous nightlife and attractions (such as the Angel of the North); just two of several reasons why the region is so popular. It also has a fantastic shopping reputation, with millions spent in the city by shoppers annually thanks to the likes of Eldon Square and MetroCentre.

Want to advertise in the North East? We work with businesses large and small, creating bespoke and cost-effective taxi advertising campaigns that deliver real results for our clients.From brand awareness to fantastic PR stunts, London Taxi Advertising is the UK’s premier taxi advertising specialist. Get in touch today!

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