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Taxi advertising in Scotland

A taxi advertising campaign in Scotland is a fantastic way to reach a large urban audience whilst they’re on the move:
From football fans heading to Glasgow’s Old Firm derby or festival-goers soaking up the Edinburgh Fringe, taxi advertising in Scotland is guaranteed to showcase your business in style:
• Our London Taxi Advertising cabs can take your brand to the very heart of the community in cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.
• There are a range of dynamic media formats to choose from.
• Advertising in Scotland provides the chance to reach millions of passengers by standing out on the streets of cities and towns.
• Reach both tourists and residents in some of Scotland’s most famous locations
• Reach football fans heading to Glasgow’s Old Firm derby or festival-goers soaking up the Edinburgh Fringe for a guaranteed way to showcase your business in style.

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Why advertise in Scotland?

There are five million people across the country, so advertising in Scotland is a great way to reach a large audience, and taxi advertising in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, can help you target students, tourists and professionals at a cost-effective price.

Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any UK city outside of London, and with 43% of the population holding degrees or professional qualifications, it’s a great place to reach a working audience with purchasing power and influence.

Glasgow, meanwhile, is the country’s largest city and has enjoyed recent resurgence to become a hub of culture, art, business and tourism. It is home to 41% of the entire Scottish population, and offers major potential for brands looking to advertise on taxis. Want to know more? Chat to us today.

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