Wilson & Laura Robson Taxi Advertising Campaign

Game, Set and Match with Laura Robson and London Taxi Advertising


Laura Robson with the Wilson taxi advert

Sporting brand Wilson has been showcasing their brand through the streets of London, with a taxi advertising campaign implemented by London Taxi Advertising.


Utilising the popular superside format, Wilson have engaged in a brand elevation initiative under the strapline ‘spin around London’, which also benefits from the endorsement of Britain’s current no.1 female tennis player Laura Robson.  Promoting Wilson’s latest spin technology racket, the campaign will see Laura visiting schools in London with the branded vehicles, inspiring young players.


Superside advertising presents brands with a potent marketing platform, offering an iconic canvas to display the advertising creative. Coverage of the entire taxi body generates high-frequency visibility, allowing Wilson to access the public as the vehicle traverses dense urban locations. Promotional support from a well-known sporting personality further encourages audiences to engage with the Wilson product, particularly children looking to pursue an interest in tennis.