Why choose Taxi Advertising?

With such an expanse of advertising formats to choose from, why is it that taxi advertising is such a popular option?

Thousands of brands are choosing to regularly place their brand on the country’s taxis. Here’s an insight to why being on a taxi is the place to be seen…

Taxis are an iconic part of cityscapes, acting as the go-to option of travel for visitors to a city.
– In London alone, over 38 million cab rides are taken around London every year.

Acting as a mobile billboard, taxi advertising has the power to travel far and reach many. Not limited by route or location, taxis take a brand far and wide.
– The average London taxi travels 126 miles every day.

Taxi advertising is memorable. People waiting to cross the road, travellers stuck in traffic, people passing a taxi rank – all are valuable consumers who are proven to absorb and engage with brands who advertise on taxis. Whether a simple superside design or striking full livery wrap, taxi advertising gets you noticed.
– 81% of ABC1s spontaneously recalled seeing a brand on a cab.

Taxi advertising can get you where you want to go. There aren’t many other ways of getting your brand stationed outside a prestigious hotel or directly in front of audiences leaving a West End theatre.

The option for interior advertising allows you to reinforce your brand and create more of a direct impact with audiences inside the cab. The private space of a taxi interior allows brands to engage 1 on 1 with customers. Including websites and QR codes is also a fantastic addition that can often be wasted when used on other formats.
– More than 60 % of passengers use their phone whilst travelling in a cab.

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