Visit Brazil and Celebrate Life

Brazil_TaxiAdvertising2Brazilian Tourist Board Embratur has launched a taxi advertising campaign with London Taxi Advertising.


The heavy weight campaign features striking fully wrapped branded cabs which showcase the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and amazing view over Rio de Janeiro.


Embratur have embarked on a taxi advertising campaign to increase awareness of Brazil as a holiday destination and encourage tourism, whilst talking directly to the public to promote Brazil before they book their next holiday. The taxi artwork features captions from Brazil Tourism – ‘The World Meets in Brazil’ and ‘Come to Celebrate Life’.


The campaign will run with internal ‘tip seat’ and receipt pad advertising and can be seen working in and around Central London and Heathrow displaying the fantastic destination.


Taxi advertising is ideal to build maximum cover as it does not restrict advertisers to specific locations. Embratur will target a business and lifestyle audience in London and build a brand presence in the heart of the city.