Transport for London Point out Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi - Transport for London A sticker has been approved by Transport for London that will be placed on all Wi-Fi enabled taxis, allowing pedestrians to see whether their imminent journey will allow connectivity whilst travelling to their destination.

86% of the city anticipate that a taxi ride will allow them to be fully reachable to friends and family, while 84% also think that work should be able to contact them. As Wi-Fi spreads through the London Underground, it makes sense for taxis to follow suit, and so TfL have devised an image that will easily communicate whether a vehicle contains an online facility.  The availability of Wi-Fi also increases the opportunity for interactive marketing, giving added benefits to brands displayed on the vehicle livery.

Three quarters of London admit that seeing the Wi-Fi logo would increase their likelihood of flagging down a taxi, with 73% also expressing distress when their connectivity is lost.