TRACKER makes its mark using Taxi Advertising

Full Livery Advertising  - London Taxi Advertising Market leader in vehicle tracking solutions, TRACKER, is using London Taxi Advertising to showcase its services across the capital, with a branded fleet of vehicles aiming to entice customers by offering a money-saving promotional code.


Full livery wraps ensure TRACKER is fully in the public eye, displaying the ‘Many Happy Returns’ strapline and reminding Londoners that TRACKER has ‘returned over 22,000 stolen vehicles’ since 1993. The taxi sides display the promotional code and encourage the public to call TRACKER for a special deal. The website address, Twitter handle and telephone number are also displayed around the vehicles. The striking livery was designed by TRACKER’s Reading-based marketing agency, Oculus Design & Communications Limited.


The UK’s number 1 in stolen vehicle recovery, TRACKER is in its 20th year of operation and currently has more than 1 million fitted tracking units in circulation. Taxi advertising is enabling TRACKER to benefit from positive brand association as the promotional format corresponds with its industry sector.     


Advertising via full taxi liveries is an excellent method of achieving widespread exposure, giving brands elevated stature by forcing them into the visual space of pedestrians and drivers. Taxi advertising is an excellent way of reaching a huge ABC1 audience, including the city’s car users, so TRACKER is directly targeting potential customers.