The Royal Air Force Museum promotes London presence using taxi advertising

The Royal Air Force Museum London is using taxi advertising for the first time in its latest strategy to promote the museum to the mass audience visiting London during the 2012 Olympics.



London Taxi Advertising is behind the media planning of the campaign which will run for one year. The long term campaign will see the taxi be involved with various PR appearances at the museum and a competition encouraging the public to tweet the museum at @RAFMUSEUM with images of the cab on the move in London, all entrants to the twitter competition will be entered into a weekly prize draw to win an exclusive signed mounted print by renowned aviation artist David Bent, former Artist in Residence to the Red Arrows.



The iconic London taxi is the perfect moving platform for the RAF Museum to promote the free attraction to the heightened number of tourists visiting the capital this summer, who are all eager to soak up the history and attractions of London.



Once passengers are inside they can access a series of podcasts through QR codes featured on the internal branded taxi tip seats which narrate the histories or aircraft, early pioneers, heroes and heroines in aviation.



Paul Hudson, Head of Marketing for the Royal Air Force Museum states:

The London taxi cab is iconic. It is as much as part of our historic city as Buckingham Palace. Its distinct shape is recognised by tourists from across the globe and for many no trip to London is complete without a journey in the back of a cab. What better way is there to promote the Royal Air Force’s London Museum than to have our potential visitors start their experience by interacting with the Museum whilst they are out and about on their travels and at the same time educating them about our location at the birthplace of British aviation, Colindale?”



There is no better announcement vehicle than branded taxis for the RAF Museum. The interactive internal advertising is perfect for all commuters who use their tablet device or smart phone while travelling optimising the one-to-one passenger engagement with the RAF Museum even further, through the use of QR codes.



Click here to visit the ‘Tweet me a cab!’ competition page.