Taxi Wi-Fi For Free!

In a city brimming with internet-enabled mobile phones, iPads, iPods, business sector workers desperately refreshing laptop pages on the move as they traverse wi-fi zones – it only makes sense that Transport for London have approved a new, free wi-fi service: CabWifiâ„¢.

So not only can clients brand entire taxi exteriors and internal components such as flip seats and advertising screens; there is now the opportunity to feature digitally across this new internet facility. For every 15 minutes surfed, a 15-second advert is broadcast over the service. Employing the latest developments in 3G and 4G technology, the system is constructed to triumph over the general glitches associated with the combination of movement and wireless internet.

With London Taxi Advertising offering a variety of taxi advertising formats, it only makes sense to capitalise on your campaign with innovative digital advancements such as CabWifi. Aiming to target 10% of London’s 24,000 taxis within half a year, the hardware takes minutes to install and is potentially capable of geographically targeting passengers.

After two years of propositioning, Eyetease Limited has now had their product accepted by TFL – Londoners, stay connected @CabWifi.