Taxi Obscenities

Prepare to be confused by rainbow-coloured taxis or cabs directing you to the nearest strip club, as Scotland embarks on a re-vamp of advertising rules. Claiming that current procedures are too extensive to handle correctly, and in the knowledge that a tightening of regulations would mean additional costs, council officials have diverted the issue by deciding to scrap monitoring completely.

If plans advance as proposed, the current migraine of advertising approval would no longer be required, resulting in the elimination of censorship. As it stands, taxi advertising undergoes extensive analysis before it gets displayed on the vehicle – taking weeks or even months to complete.  

UK taxi marketing company Ubiquitous are in favour of the new law – understandably so, taking into account the laborious practise and costs associated with organising advertising on black cabs. For worried residents, reassurance comes in the fact that any advert which receives a complaint will be removed, minimising the chance of genuinely offensive material parading the streets of Scotland.