Stan James' Branded Taxi Fleet

Branching out to the northern urban hub of Manchester, London Taxi Advertising has placed a series of fully-wrapped taxi liveries within the city to promote British bookmaker The twelve month campaign will reap the benefits of outdoor advertising as they spread the image through Manchester’s streets.


Wrapped in a vibrant green background, the iconic cab shape is adorned with bold advertising. “BET NOW ON YOUR MOBILE” encourages onlookers to get involved with the live sports betting company, offering a clearly visible promotional code and noticeably positioning their web address. With the image of ‘Stan’ on one passenger door and ‘James’ splashed across the other, the advert appeals to ordinary citizens interested in the betting industry. Home to the globally renowned football teams of Manchester United and Manchester City, the taxis are strategically situated to target an appropriate audience. is a prominent online betting and gaming company supported by over 100 physical shops across the UK. The business has been in effect since its establishment in 1973, and is associated with the facility of Betting In-Play, meaning that odds and prices are updated in real time as a match or game develops.


Taxi advertising provides brands with a high-frequency method of visually captivating a target audience. Attracting attention at street level, they are an effective out of home advertising format, with the ability to reach a wide range of people due to their mobile nature. London Taxi Advertising specialise in this promotional format, allowing Stan James to receive dedicated expertise in the planning and implementation of their campaign.

Bet Now Full Wrap Taxi Livery