Office & General clean up with London Taxi Advertising


General Office Full Livery Taxi CampaignClient: 
Beach Marketing on behalf of Office & General (


Reach & Frequency: ABC1 Audience, Male and Female, 25 – 55 year olds.


Location & Campaign Duration: London for twelve months.


Marketing Objective: BUILD AWARENESS


What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?


Office & General wanted to raise awareness of their cleaning and support services in London. The client required an impactful media format on a low budget. LTA recommended Taxi Advertising as it is one of the only media formats that can reach the companies target audience on a street level.


What was the Solution?


Full livery taxi advertising was commissioned and launched as part of a unique online PR Opportunity for Office & General. The cleaning company are running the online initiative ‘Spot the O&G taxi’ and are offering £50 voucher for the best image snapped, and for every competition entry received they will donate £10 to the Children of the Andes charity –


What were the Results?


The campaign is still running, and at present locals and business people are rushing to travel in one of the taxis and snap them as part of the online initiative. Each taxi ride is a new area of the capital the campaign can target.


What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?


A taxi advert is so much more than a mobile billboard; it is a brilliant PR tool as well as an advertising vehicle. The advertising allows the client to engage their target audience whilst making their brand known to the London masses.