Norwich International Airport taxi advertising

Norwich International Airport launched a three month superside taxi advertising campaign with London Taxi Advertising to promote Thomson Holidays and KLM flights from Norwich.


The campaign was equally split promoting either Thomson or KLM, in a move to raise awareness of flights from the airport reaching multiple destinations.


Norwich Airport services a possible 1.5 million people who live within a 90 minute drive of Norwich International Airport, covering Norfolk, Suffolk and North Cambridgeshire.


The Thomson taxi advertising shows a young couple running into an inviting and clear sea with the slogan ‘Holidays designed for you from Norwich Airport’ with the airport’s logo featuring prominently on the rear wing of the taxi.


The KLM taxi advertising is in the recognisable blue branding with the statement ‘Fly KLM to Asia from Norwich’, also displaying the airport’s logo. The taxi advertising is being used to help build cover in the local area, highlighting to residents destinations they could reach from their local airport.


Taxi Advertising is a great broadcast option for airports that have the opportunity to team up with airlines operating from their base. Bright taxi branding showcasing holiday destinations catches the eye of consumers and plants the idea of booking their next holiday.

Norwich Airport Super-Side Taxi