Malta is More with London Taxi Advertising

London Taxi Advertising CampaignsLondon Taxi Advertising have worked with Mirabelle Communications to coordinate a brand awareness campaign across Manchester for international carrier Air Malta.


The activity encourages tourism to the Mediterranean country, fuelled by one way prices of £73.


Taxi superside adverts will showcase the holiday destination alongside the “Manchester to Malta” fare, with the Air Malta logo and website incorporated into the design. Slogans such as “Malta is More” and “More to Remember” are also displayed across the creative space.


The superside format is a popular platform for carrying brands into high footfall urban locations, enjoying long-distance visibility across busy roads, outside football stadiums and train stations, and through Manchester’s bustling nightlife scene. With Manchester International Airport lying just outside the city, taxi advertising in Manchester is also an ideal method of accessing regular holidaymakers as they travel to and from the airport.