London Taxi Advertising Launches New Golden Framed Advertising Format with a Campaign for Sport Relief.

London Taxi Advertising are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Gold Frame Superside taxi advertising format, with a campaign to promote the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile.


Sport Relief has become the first organisation to have the opportunity to use the new media launched by LTA who offered the advertising space to the charity pro bono.


Taxis will feature in Manchester and London from 23rd February 2012 for four weeks in the run up to the Sport Relief Mile on Sunday 25th March. The bright artwork will display the pantomime horse famously worn by Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker with the strapline ‘Follow that horse!’ within the golden frame.


Genny Murphy, Marketing Manager for Comic Relief said, “Sport Relief is back and we want everyone to get out there on Sunday 25th March and do the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile.  There will be huge Miles happening in both London and Manchester and the advertising space donated to us from London Taxi Advertising will really help us to get our message out to the heart of these great cities. ”


Senior Account Manager Paul Tremarco came up with the Gold Frame concept in honour of the 2012 London Games. The iconic London taxi is the perfect format for brands to showcase themselves during the Olympic Games, and the LTA Gold Pack ensures advertisers are seen in Central London as the format is exclusive to taxis with the All London – or Green Badge licence that can work throughout Greater London.


Paul thought there would be no better marriage than Sport Relief and the Gold Frame format during the UK’s biggest year of sports. The new format sets the charity’s advertising creative in the most opulent of frames and prime locations in London and Manchester. The unique Gold Frame sets the taxi apart from all other high street formats and outshines the traditional Superside.


The taxis feature Gold Frame Tip Seats and are an extension to the exterior advertising with the Sport Relief branding giving further information to the passenger on how they can enter the Mile.


Targeting the AB – ABC1 demographic in Central London the LTA Gold Pack ensures taxis will be working in top boroughs in Central London such as the City of Westminster, Knightsbridge, London’s West End, Chelsea and Kensington. Taxi advertisers can reach the valuable audience of the inner London working commuters who on average earn 36% more than those employed in Outer London.


Manchester plays an important part in the 2012 Olympics; Old Trafford will host nine Football matches during the Olympic Games, including a semi-final in both the men’s and women’s competitions and therefore the city will see a roll out of the Gold Frame taxis as well as London.


Sport Relief have used taxi advertising as a platform to show the fun side to their fundraising efforts encouraging the public to get active, raise cash and change lives. Money raised by the public for Sport Relief will be spent by Comic Relief to help those living incredibly tough lives both in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.


London Taxi Advertising will continue to make their Gold Frame packs available beyond the Olympic period and continue to service advertisers who want to reach inner city audiences.


The news story featured in The DRUM, click here to view.

Sports Relief Gold Superside Taxi Campaign