ICM Gerson target corporate decision makers and workers in Central London

Client: ICM Gerson


Reach & Frequency: ABC1 Audience, Decision Makers, Corporate, Male and Female, 25 – 55 year olds.


Location & Campaign Duration: January 2012 for twelve months.


Marketing Objective: BUILD AWARENESS


What is the Background to the Campaign?


To raise awareness of ICM Gerson’s corporate and private relocation services and new website coming in early 2012.


What was the Solution?


Full livery taxi advertising was commissioned with brightly coloured artwork displaying ICM Gerson’s website details.


What were the Results?


The campaign is still running, commuters and business people in central London are rushing to travel in one of the bright taxis carrying the crisp and eye-catching advertising creative.


What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?


Full Livery Taxi Advertising is an excellent tool for corporate services who wish to target Central London workers and decision makers.