Hülsta Taxi Advertising

Hülsta Targets the Capital with London Taxi Advertising

German furniture manufacturer hülsta have infiltrated the outdoor sector with London Taxi Advertising, embarking on a campaign to promote their London shops at Baker Street, Harrods and Heals.


The superside format is used to project the campaign through the city, cleverly expanding red and yellow strips from the upper black body of the cab to form a background representing the German flag. A bold hülsta logo takes central position, accompanied by the company website and branch locations.


Hülsta has been a family business since its birth in 1940, now expanding its footprint globally and employing 1,250 staff. From the bedroom to the office, hülsta offers cosmopolitan styles with a distinct German flavour, catering for both premium clients and recently developing their ‘now!’ brand aimed at younger audiences.


Taxi superside advertising presents an invaluable urban platform for a diverse range of brands, offering hülsta the opportunity to showcase their company through one of the prime purchasing cities in the world. Targeting pedestrians and road users at street level, the superside advert is able to capture onlookers whilst they are already within retail environments and poised to make purchases.

Hulsta Superside Taxi