Hangzhou Tourism Taxi Advertising Campaign

London Taxi Advertising Promotes Tourism To The Chinese City Of Hangzhou


Implemented by London Taxi Advertising, the tourism board of Hangzhou have been encouraging UK travel to the region through a mixed format taxi advertising campaign in the British capital. Combining full livery and superside advertising, the promotional taxis are intended to raise awareness for the picturesque capital city of China’s eastern Zhejiang Province. Active for a 6-month duration, the distinct London taxis are tactically prepared to be able to entice prospective holiday makers, with a presence throughout the popular holiday-booking months which lead up to the peak summer travel period.


The advert visually demonstrates the picturesque appeal of Hangzhou, accompanied by the statement ‘unseen beauty, unforgettable Hangzhou China’. The graphic incorporates a vast array of colourful scenery, including a backdrop of water, flowers and a green landscape.


Endorsed by everyone from 13th century explorer Marco Polo to London’s former mayor Ken Livingstone, Hangzhou is reportedly one of the most aesthetically breathtaking locations on the globe. Brimming with vegetation, freshwater and history, the magnificent location attracts both domestic and international visitors annually, with a large proportion of the city’s economy dependent on tourism.


Advertising on London taxis enables brands to have a high-frequency coverage of a key urban area. Populated by a diverse demographic and containing both residents and tourists, London is a prime target for travel-based marketing. The association with an iconic black cab gives Hangzhou an elevated position through the city’s streets, and provides an extensive creative platform upon which to place the publicity content.

Taxi Advertising for Hangzhou