Zaggora launch their first ever advertising campaign with London Taxi Advertising

E-commerce start-up Zaggora, the brand behind Hotpants and a range of revolutionary clothing items that help women lose weight is launching a taxi advertising campaign in the UK’s capital with London Taxi Advertising.

Zaggora Superside Taxi Campaign


The ‘Power up your playtime’ campaign will run from the 20th April 2012 in Central London showcasing the high impact, technology enabled clothing. The branded taxis will be on the road synchronised with the 2012 Virgin London Marathon, and will continue in the run up to the Olympics, inspiring women around London to get in shape.


The eye catching yellow taxi supersides will run with the humorous strapline ‘What’s black & Burns Calories? (It’s not this cab.)’ creating curiosity and encouraging the audience to visit the Zaggora website to find out more.


Zaggora is a trailblazer in social commerce, having employed Facebook and Twitter to drive word-of-mouth recommendations and sales of its signature anti-cellulite products, all of which are available solely on its website,


Zaggora launched its first product, Zaggora Hotpants, in July 2011 with huge success, selling a pair every minute within the first 10 weeks of launch. Since then, Zaggora has recorded more than 2 million unique visits to its website and sold more than 400,000 products to women in 110 countries around the world.


The taxi campaign is the first ever advertising format used by Zaggora, breaking away from the company’s online strategy. The taxi advertising will work to raise awareness of the brand and tap into the market of mobile spenders, aiming to drive further traffic back to the website with the use of branded receipt pads and internal ‘tip up seat’ advertising tempting passengers to visit the website and take part in the ‘Get slim’ challenge.


A study by One Poll revealed the average female shopaholic spends almost £1,000 a year on impulse buys, with one in ten women admitted spending almost £2,500 a year on items which ‘caught their eye’ whilst out shopping (source:


Zaggora co-founder Dessi Bell says of the campaign: ‘We’re so excited that the Zaggora brand is traveling the streets of London! This is one of our first campaigns in the UK targeted to Londoners, and as a London-based business it’s a very exciting time to be in the sports sector with London 2012 just around the corner.’


London Taxi Advertising is responsible for the media planning and execution of the taxi advertising and will support the campaign with updates, features and images on their social networking feeds and website.