Digital Advertising screens come to London taxis

The roof of London’s Black Cabs will have a makeover this summer and make way for digital taxi advertising space.
The two-sided wireless-enables digital advertising screens will sit on the roof of black cabs. The system fitted within the taxi boot contains sensors that monitor the taxis location, the time, temperature and humidity. This level of intelligence allows advertising to be dynamically controlled, for example a well-known ice cream brand could trigger their ad following a temperature increase in the air. 
Advertisers will also have greater control on proximity advertising as their ads could be triggered when the taxi is in a key location like in front of a competitor’s store, or target shopping areas in London.
The ads have been produced by rivals Brightmove Media and Eyetease Media.
Founder Richard Corbett of Eyetease media was responsible for London Taxi Cabs being able to offer free Wi-Fi with the CabWifi programme. Eyetease media have produced iTaxitop which is a 1920×502 LCD display.
TaxiCast from Brightmove Media is 400×48 LED display.
London taxi advertising has access to all taxi fleets in the UK, contact us for more information on digital taxi advertising and traditional taxi advertising formats.
Brightmove Media Screen Test
Eyetease iTaxitop