Consultus advertise on London taxis

Live-in nursing care provider Consultus London have selected the services of London Taxi Advertising for a brand elevation campaign designed to project the company through the city. Utilising a fleet of taxis sporting superside adverts, Consultus aim to raise awareness for their palliative support network.


The ‘Happier at Home‘ campaign promotes the one to one live-in care and nursing service offered by Consultus.


Consultus London have been providing private care since its conception in 1962, with a network of carers and nurses guaranteeing 24-hour observation in the patient’s own home.


Taxi superside advertising facilitates a high-frequency brand presence in targeted areas, which presents Consultus with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their advert through the diverse streets of London. Boasting some of the country’s most affluent areas, the taxi format has the power to access these audiences and thus gain interest amongst those seeking private care.

Consultas Super side Black Cab