Columbus Direct target Travellers

London Taxi Advertising drives Columbus Direct through the Capital.

London Taxi Advertising have directed a marketing strategy to promote Columbus Direct – the travel insurance division of globally reaching insurance provider Collinson Insurance Group.

Taxi supersides will display the company mascot, a globe-wielding animated dog, alongside the strapline ‘if you’re happy to go there we’re happy to insure you’. Further tipseat branding will extend the campaign for taxi passengers, showcasing Columbus Direct in front of London’s influential jetsetting public during the peak holiday period.

The iconic taxi cab is an instrumental component of outdoor advertising, with the power to catapult brands and products across an engaged urban audience. An overwhelming proportion of taxi users are in the ABC1 social demographic, many of which are high-profile leaders or regular business travellers, and so tipseat advertising will magnify Columbus Direct across a highly captive crowd who are willing to make a purchase in that sector.

Columbus Direct superside Taxi