CME Europe Create a Taxi Hybrid in London

London Taxi Advertising is helping bring CME Europe to London through an innovative marketing campaign.


A fleet of branded black taxi cabs are being deployed throughout London with their half and half design creating a visually exciting New York/London hybrid taxi.



The inventive full livery advertising corresponds with CME Europe’s message of being ‘Chicago born’ but ‘London based’, and features CME’s branding which contrasts against the bold and iconic colours of yellow and black.


CME Group is the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, handling an annual average of 3 billion contracts worth approximately $1 quadrillion. Their London-based subsidiary, CME Europe, is designed to meet evolving regional needs and trading practices, and will leverage the operations and expertise of the CME Group.

London Taxi Advertising’s Director, Christina Clitherow, said:

“CME Europe’s cab campaign can’t fail to be noticed amongst London’s streets. A striking full livery taxi wrap is the ideal way to create maximum impact in a city, and this design will undoubtedly capture the interest of some of London’s most influential business people.”

Full livery taxi advertising allows advertisers to use the unique advertising space and platform to design a creative ad campaign, whilst increasing cover build and brand awareness due to the moving nature of taxis.