Chengdu China promotes their historical city using London Taxis

Tourism officials of Chengdu, the hometown of the Giant Panda, are promoting the ancient city during the London 2012 Olympics to promote the city as a tourist and holiday destination.


London Taxi Advertising contacted the tourism office to promote the effectiveness of Taxi Advertising and recommended the Outdoor Format to promote the diverse business and cultural city to the international audience in London during the Olympics.


The iconic London Taxis are the advertising platform for the destination of Chengdu helping transport the idea of visiting the city into the minds of consumers every day over the summer.


Go Chengdu ran a competition on their Facebook and website encouraging visitors to vote for their favourite taxi design which was to be wrapped on iconic London black cabs. The winning taxis have been commissioned to run as part of a 3 month campaign of Full Livery and Superside Taxi Advertising formats.


The eye catching Full Livery taxis have been designed to mimic the look of a panda, and will be complemented by the Superside design which shows a cartoon panda in its natural habitat surrounded by bamboo. All taxis promote the website details of Go Chengdu.


London Taxi Advertising organised the media space exclusive to taxis with the All London – or Green Badge licence which can work throughout Greater London to ensure the taxis will be seen by the tourist, professional and quality AB audience in Central London. In house expert fitters at London Taxi Advertising have decades of experience and wrapped the taxis in four days to the highest standard, ready to showcase Chengdu’s campaign on the busy streets of London.


Giant Pandas are native to China and are a symbol of the country, whilst featured on the taxis they will travel through popular tourist sites including Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch and Trafalgar Square.


It is a program launched by Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan in China and homeland of the giant panda. Sponsored by the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries, the three-month program is aimed at promoting global efforts to protect the earth’s endangered species including the giant panda. The program also aims to encourage bonds between humans and nature, and to express good wishes for the London Olympics from the Chinese city.


London Taxi Advertising has effectively utilised the opportunity to gain extra exposure by targeting the campaign to London surrounding one of the most historic events of recent decades, The 2012 Olympics which will encourage an extra 8 million visitors to travel to the Capital during the games to support their country. During this time an extra 65 million journeys are predicted to be made, there is no better time to get Chengdu’s message onto the streets.


Once inside the taxis passengers are able to interact with the Tip Seat advertising which features a QR code. When scanned commuters can enter the competition to win tickets to Edinburgh Zoo to see their Giant Pandas.


Sales Director Paul Tremarco at London Taxi Advertising worked on the campaign in order to target tourists, business commuters, leisure and shopping audiences in London.


“The team at London Taxi Advertising are very pleased to introduce the innovative use of taxi advertising and we are excited about the working partnership with Go Chengdu to promote this fantastic destination on iconic London Black Cabs. Taxi Advertising is a great tool for getting a message across to a mass audience, and therefore increasing awareness of Chengdu as a tourist destination and encouraging visits to the city.”


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