Camp America Taxi Advertising

Camp America promote their summer like no other during the gloomy winter months

Camp America is launching a superside taxi advertising campaign with London Taxi Advertising. The campaign encourages people to ‘Jump on board’ and experience a summer like no other.


The taxi advertising promotes the chance for people to do something different with their summer and spend it in the U.S. of A; living and working on an American Summer Camp.


Camp America booked the media direct with London Taxi Advertising and designed their creative in house.


The campaign will run for three months and has launched with the aim to encourage visitation to the Camp America website as 2013 camp applications are now open.


Camp America’s taxis will reach people on a street level encouraging them to sign up to the programme or visit one of the information evenings running across the country.


“The team at London Taxi Advertising are very happy to have Camp America on our taxis. The winter months is the ideal time to promote a summer of fun as many Brits are brightening the cold, gloomy days by planning and organising their summer” – Paul Tremarco, sales director at London Taxi Advertising.


Superside taxi advertising is the ideal way to launch high volume, short term campaigns on the city and suburban streets. Every postcode the taxi travels is a new area the campaign targets, offering brand exposure and maximum broadcasting opportunities for Camp America.