Auction House Full Taxi Livery Campaign

London Taxi Advertising parades Auction House across the City

London Taxi Advertising Campaigns

London Taxi Advertising has directed a full livery campaign for residential property auctioneer Auction House, sending a fleet of branded vehicles into the heart of London.

Fully wrapped taxi liveries will promote the brand throughout the city, transforming the traditional black cab to display the company’s black and red colour scheme along with their accessible logo.

With property and land auctions occurring daily throughout the UK, Auction House presents an option for estate agents and home owners to sell their property, subsequently providing a sales service for both commercial and residential buyers.

Full taxi liveries present an unparalleled level of public impact, allowing Auction House to gain coverage along the heavily saturated streets of London. The taxi body provides an extensive space to project company branding, increasing the long-range visibility of campaigns.