Alex and Ani Enter London by Taxi

LTA-Alex-Ani-taxi-advertisingAmerican jewellery brand Alex and Ani are working with London Taxi Advertising to drive their label into the UK.

Taxi livery advertising is a powerful method of launching a brand in a specific location, and it will allow Alex and Ani to effectively access significant people in London’s fashion crowd.


Alex and Ani will instantly place their brand at the forefront of the city, as the taxis travel through retail and entertainment hubs, take passengers to London’s airports and transport people home from social events.


Promoting their eco-friendly, positive energy jewellery collection, the full taxi livery adverts will ensure that Alex and Ani establish a presence amongst key urban audiences.


The eye-catching creative features a montage of black and white photographs, creating an ambience for the brand name ‘Alex and Ani’ in bold, white lettering.