Public Relations

Make the most of fantastic PR opportunities with taxi advertising

Show off in style

Taxis are diverse media formats which lend themselves to the growing opportunities that PR presents and at London Taxi Advertising we appreciate how important public relations are in today’s modern marketplace, so we can arrange for your taxis to be used for a range of PR stunts and promotional purposes.
The opportunities are endless when it comes to taxi advertising PR; from chauffeuring celebrities, important events, and even to parking up in city centres and handing out free samples. Taxi adverts get people talking and can help to take your brand to the next level!

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The perfect promotional format

Over the years our taxis have carried sporting heroes, been transformed into mobile beauty salons and used as part of a whole host of promotional material.
Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, raise awareness of a special offer or just simply want to get your brand noticed, London Taxi Advertising think outside of the box when it comes to PR opportunities.
We can even offer free additional promotion of many of our campaigns through online coverage on our website and social media platforms.