Brand Ambassadors

85% of passengers speak to their taxi driver - use them to promote your brand!

Extend your campaign

At London Taxi Advertising we offer our clients the opportunity to take their taxi advertising a step further by encouraging the cab drivers to act as reliable brand ambassadors for your business.
We can brief the drivers upon the fitting of the ads, making sure they’re clued up about your brand, your background, your ambitions and what you’re trying to achieve from your campaign.
We also encourage our clients to meet drivers face to face to ensure that they are as knowledgeable as possible about the business and brand identity. By working with the drivers, clients can create a beneficial relationship which sees cabbies inform passengers about the brand they are carrying.
Drivers can promote your brand by:
• 85% of taxi passengers speak to their driver on a journey.
• Drivers can wear promotional clothing or show off branded accessories.
• Educating passengers about your brand whilst in a captive environment.

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Reach passengers internally

When coupled with interior, on-board taxi advertising, brand ambassadors are able to answer the questions of those passengers who show an interest in the client’s ads, and can also share knowledge of the company and the brand throughout the course of the journey, taking your taxi advertising campaign that one step further.
Taxi passengers are, on the whole, of an ABC1 demographic, which means that they are often influential decision makers with purchasing power and money to spend – so you can make sure they know your brand by taking the time to recruit a brand ambassador.
If you have questions about driver training, or would like to know more about taxi advertising in general, speak to London Taxi Advertising today.