Interesting Stats

population of Coventry
black cabs in the West Midlands
students in the local area
more millennials than the UK average


Reach a millennial audience and raise brand awareness with a taxi campaign

Taxi advertising in Coventry

West Midland’s second largest city, Coventry, is an ideal location for businesses to utilise within an advertising campaign.

This city provides a range of demographics and puts them within a brands grasp

  • Reach invaluable millennials, with 30% more than the UK average residing within Coventry
  • Home to a vast amount of students and recently-employed graduates
  • A growing economy with a GDP per capita of £27,995
  • Target an ABC1 audience willing to purchase

Push your message out and let it be seen by consumers that are open to new products, ideas and technologies. Embrace a city that houses two universities – Coventry and Warwick.

Adverts have the ability to travel across the busy city centre and urban areas around Coventry, providing an unrivaled reach.

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Why advertise in Coventry?

Approximately 64% of Coventry residents own their own home, with 49% of this important ABC1 demographic. By targeting them on the roads as motorists, passengers or pedestrians, your internal and external taxi ads can leave a lasting impression and help to fuel future purchases.

Coventry is a well-connected city with a population of over 337,000. Located just 11 miles from Birmingham International Airport, a Coventry campaign can see the reach of your taxis extended further, making an impression on an even larger audience.

If you’re looking to reach an affluent audience or a slightly younger market, a taxi advertising campaign is Coventry is the perfect place to start. Get in touch with LTA today for more information!

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