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Taxi advertising in Bristol

London Taxi Advertising can give your brand a presence on the streets of the largest city in South West England:
• The sixth largest city in England, advertising on Bristol cabs is the perfect way to turn heads and reach your ideal audience.
• Bristol attracts 18.7 million day visitors a year.
• It annually welcomes 441,000 tourists from overseas.
• Bristol is a city that prides itself on its leisure offering, as well as its culture and history.
• Bristol is well connected by road, rail, sea and air, with accessibly links to both Cardiff and London. This makes it an invaluable location if you’re looking to target business people and professionals with your taxi advertising campaign.

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Why advertise in Bristol?

If you’re looking to reach a younger audience, look no further than Bristol. 35,000 university students live in the city, while one in six Bristol residents are under 16. If you’re looking to reach the decision makers of tomorrow, then advertising on Bristol taxis could be the platform for you.
Bristol is a prosperous city, built on high-tech industry, business, creative services and finance. 59,000 finance professionals work in the city, making taxi advertising a great way to reach this highly-influential audience with purchasing power.
If you want your brand to reach this wide audience, then talk to London Taxi Advertising today.

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