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population of South West England
black taxis in the region
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average age - England's highest

South West

Target England's largest region with taxi advertising

South West taxi advertising

Home to well over five million people, South West England is the country’s largest region by area and encompasses seven counties including Gloucestershire, Bristol, Devon and Cornwall:
• A range of dynamic taxi advertising formats. to choose from.
• The chance to reach an invaluable urban audience whilst they’re on the move.
• A diverse region home to a diverse demographic of all ages.
• Bristol has grown to become one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting over 18.7 million daily visitors each year. The M4 motorway which connects London and Wales passes through Bristol, meaning that your taxi adverts can reach even more people.
As the number one taxi advertising company in London and throughout the rest of the UK, London Taxi Advertising bring brands to the streets of the country’s busiest towns and cities in style!

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Why advertise in the South West?

Interestingly, the South West has the highest average age in the whole of England. This presents you with a unique opportunity to target an older demographic with a taxi advertising campaign should it suit your brand.

However, the South West is a truly diverse region. From Stonehenge to the iconic Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, there are countless attractions which pull in visitors from across the UK and the rest of the world each year; which makes it a perfect spot to target a wide range of people.

At London Taxi Advertising, we create and coordinate fantastic taxi advertising campaigns in the South West’s major cities. Want to find out more about what we could for your business, or just want to discuss your South West taxi advertising options? Simply give the team at London Taxi Advertising a call today!

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