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Taxi advertising in Edinburgh

Advertising on taxis in Edinburgh can help your brand make an impact on the streets of Scotland’s most famous city:
• The Scottish capital is the UK’s second financial centre.
• It houses an economy driven by banking, financial services, science, education and tourism.
• Home to the headquarters of the Bank of Scotland, with thousands of influential bankers and business people based in the city.
• Edinburgh has low employment and the strongest economy of any UK city outside of London, and the city’s GVA per employee measures at £57,594, making it an unmissable location if you’re targeting a more affluent audience with purchasing power and disposable income.

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Why advertise in Edinburgh?

A staggering 43% of the population hold degrees or an equivalent professional qualification, while the city’s tourism industry continues to boom. It’s history attracts overseas visitors and it is the most-visited city by foreign visitors after London, welcoming 1.3 million visitors per year.

Much of the city’s tourism can be attributed to the popular annual Edinburgh Festivals which take place in August. The arts and cultural festivals attract 4.4 million visitors each summer, generating over £100 million for the local economy; a prime time to showcase your brand on a mobile advertising format.

Whether you’re looking to reach tourists, professionals or affluent business people, an Edinburgh taxi advertising campaign with London Taxi Advertising is the perfect way to get your brand noticed and make an impact on the streets of Scotland’s most famous city.

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