Uber Aims for Digital Supremacy with Ride Request Button

Already the world’s most popular cab-hailing app, Uber is looking to further cement its market dominance by allowing third party apps to embed a new ‘Ride Request Button.’

The code required to include the button has been made publicly available, with Uber confirming that companies who take up the option will receive $5 each time a new customer is referred via the button.

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Available for both iOS and Android apps, the code will use geo-tracking technology to send existing Uber users to the app with their ride already pre-configured. Those who are yet to register with Uber, however, will be directed to download the app from the app store – which is how third party companies will benefit from including the button.

The service is currently available in parts of the United States on a preliminary trial basis, but if successful, could prove a vital digital driver for the app across the globe.

Uber has demanded that those who chose to participate don’t feature “any application, website or other product or service that also includes, features, endorses, or otherwise supports in any way a third party that provides services competitive to Uber’s products and services, in our sole discretion.”