Gett Taxi Launches New York Anti-Uber Ad Campaign

Gett taxi, the cab-hailing app which is currently growing in popularity across the UK, USA, Russia and Israel, has declared taxi app war against giants Uber with a new advertising campaign in New York City.

A range of out of home advertisements have been spotted across the city, with Gett coming out swinging with its first ever US ad campaign. It draws attention to a range of alleged flaws with the Uber service, particularly its surge pricing feature.

Spokesperson Nathan Roth told The Observer:

“Uber is our biggest competition in NYC and their customers have a major point of frustration – surge! Our campaign highlights Gett’s surge-free guarantee.

“We welcome any competition from Uber. New Yorkers deserve to choose whether or not to pay surge. Competition is long overdue and good for the city.”

Uber has become infamous for its surge pricing, which sees the fares increase significantly during peak times, such as rush hour. Gett, on the other hand, has always touted that it is surge-free.

You can check out some of the new Gett advertisements below: