Tip Seats & Receipt Pads

Reach passengers in a captive environment with interior advertising

The average taxi journey length is just over three miles, and with an increasing amount of traffic on our roads, this can lead to passengers on board cabs for a considerable amount of time, so why not try interior taxi advertising with London Taxi Advertising?

Interior taxi advertising:

• Is the perfect way to enhance an external taxi branding campaign, giving passengers the chance and time to absorb your creative.
• Sees your creative target passengers who are in a captive environment and are seeking a distraction from their journey.
• Reaches an audience who are generally of the ABC1 demographic, meaning they have purchasing power and money to spend.
• Can give taxi travellers a take-home souvenir of your business through customised receipt pads- a perfect way to make your brand memorable!
• Targets those who more than likely carry a smartphone, and can drive business straight to your site through QR codes and web addresses.
• Is an affordable addition to your existing campaign, whether you’ve opted for a full livery, megaside or superside taxi advertising solution.
• Is also available as a stand-alone format if you’re aiming to only target those who travel in taxis.

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Maximise your presence

While taxi passengers are busy commuting, heading to the shops or travelling into town, they’re looking for a welcome distraction to their journey – and this could come in the form of your brand!

Interior taxi advertising acts as an effective extension of your external cab branding and tip seats are a great way to provide a cab user with some on board entertainment. Your brand can use website details, eye-catching imagery and interactive tools such as QR codes; all helping to drive instant engagement with your audience.

London Taxi Advertising also offers our clients the chance to give taxi passengers a take-home souvenir of their journey in the form of branded receipt pads. We can produce pads in bespoke shapes, sizes and colours to match the rest of your branding and add an extra element to your taxi ad campaign. Interested? Get in touch today!