Taxi Screens

An exciting and ever-improving medium

Advertising on internal taxi screens offers further opportunity to extend your campaign to the interior of the vehicle, allowing your message to reach passengers whilst they’re in an isolated, comfortable and captive environment.

Taxi screen advertising:

• Acts as an effective extension to your external taxi advertising campaign.
• Can reach passengers when they’re in a captive environment.
• Offers exposure of your current television advertising campaign.
• Is available in a growing number of black cabs.
• Can be programmed to play specific adverts at specific times of the day.
• Makes your brand more memorable to a predominantly ABC1 demographic.
• Allows you to stay with your audience for a lengthy period, with the average taxi journey over three miles.

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Want to know more?

Taxi journeys are predominantly made by those who are of an ABC1 demographic, and the dwell time of a cab trip gives you a set window in which to engage with your audience.

Taxi screens can be particularly effective when you have a corresponding television campaign, which can be broadcast on the ever-improving taxi ad screens.

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