Cost-effective and ideal for short to medium term campaigns

The ever-popular superside advertising format is the ideal way to launch high volume, short to medium term campaigns on the streets of your chosen target area with London Taxi advertising. It’s effective in busy cities as well as more suburban locations.

Superside taxi advertising:

• Is ideal for short to medium term campaigns, with a focus on generating brand exposure through high visibility.
• Supports high volume campaigns and creates extensive coverage.
• Allows ads to stand out against the leftover blank space on the taxi’s side- always drawing attention to the ad.
• Acts as a cost effective solution to your marketing needs.
• Is an affordable format for brands looking to book a high number of cabs due to their lower cost.
• Sees taxis work as effective mobile billboard advertisements, carrying your branding across the busiest areas of the UK.

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A cost effective solution to your marketing needs, superside taxi advertising sees both sides of an iconic black cab covered by your creative, catching the eye of pedestrians on the streets as well as other road users and taxi passengers.

With a London Taxi Advertising superside campaign, you can supply your artwork yourself or leave it up to our lovely bunch of taxi ad design specialists to come up with an effective campaign that suits your brand’s needs and understands it’s heart.

Offering fantastic brand exposure and a superb street impact at an affordable price, superside taxi advertising with London Taxi Advertising could provide your brand with the opportunity you’ve been waiting for- so get in touch today!