Rear Windows

Reach trailing motorists and pedestrians at eye level

London Taxi Advertising can put your brand in front with this format. Using rear window advertising gives you an intelligent way of breaking into a consumers direct eye line, combined with a creative visual; making a lasting impression on your audience.

Rear window taxi advertising:

    •Is an effective method of reaching motorists, with congestion and busy roads meaning your ad stands out prominently in traffic.
    • Can be offered as a stand-alone advertising solution or as an extension of the rest of your taxi advertising campaign.
    • Uses clever Contra Vision technology to make sure your ad doesn’t restrict the driver’s view, but still remains a solid creative- ultimately helping your brand stand out.
    • Catches the commuting audience by being placed directly within their view.
    • Can fuel future purchases and increase brand awareness, with following motorists seeking a distraction from yet another inner-city standstill!

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In prime view

Available as a stand-alone format or as part of your overall campaign, rear window taxi adverts let you target passengers, pedestrians and motorists at eye level and provides huge exposure for your brand.

London Taxi Advertising rear window adverts use Contra Vision technology to ensure that the vision of the driver and those on board the taxi is not impaired, but this is done without disrupting the solidity of the advert – which is designed to cover every inch of the rear window.

Rear window taxi advertising gives you the chance to get creative with your ads – you’ll be catching the eye of motorists behind the cab on the roads or sat in traffic, so it’s key to ensure your creative stands out and boldly captures attention. So, you can supply your own ad designs or leave it in the capable hands of our London Taxi Advertising design team who will ensure your message matches your branding.