Drive engagement, raise brand awareness and encourage instant purchases

Taxi advertising is a great way to interact with passengers and can help to push particular products, or increase awareness of brand identity. At London Taxi Advertising, we can help you achieve just that.
Interactive taxi advertising:
• Can help you connect instantly with your target audience because it engages with them internally.
• Offers passengers a welcome (and potentially fun!) distraction from their tedious taxi journey by providing interactive elements.
• Encourages instant purchases via smartphone through QR codes and NFC tags.
• Can be used in conjunction with social media to help improve brand awareness, increase competition entries and raise the profile of your brand online.
• Gives your brand the ability to make a lasting impression.
• Is easier to implement than you might think- especially with the help of London Taxi Advertising.

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Let digital be the difference!

Taxi journeys give passengers a chance to sit back and relax as they travel. Those on board will often reach for their phone; so by incorporating interactive elements into your taxi advertising campaign, you can encourage passengers to make purchases or check out your website on the spot.

Interactive tools such as QR codes or the more advanced NFC tags direct consumers immediately to a specific offer, promotion or section of your website.

External QR codes, social media competitions and picture contests can also encourage a younger audience to snap shots of your branded cab in exchange for vouchers, discounts and prizes.
This helps to raise your profile online and on the streets of the busy UK cities!
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