Full Wrap Taxis

Give your brand an unbeatable presence on the streets of the UK’s busiest cities with full wrap taxi advertising.

  • Cover an entire cab with your creative.
  • Reach your ideal audience from every angle.
  • Ideal for long-term campaigns and PR.
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Megaside Taxis

Choose a megaside advertising campaign to exploit the full space offered by the taxi’s sides and reach pedestrians in busy cities and towns.

  • Middle ground between full wrap & superside
  • Provides extensive coverage of brands
  • Maximises the side space of a taxi
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Superside Taxis

Interested in a high volume campaign that’s cost-effective and reliable? Look no further than superside taxi advertising.

  • Ideal for short-medium campaigns
  • Cost effective ad solution
  • Eye-catching panels cover doors and wings
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Tip Seats & Receipt Pads

Extend your campaign with interior taxi advertising and make your ads memorable to those on board as well as passers by.

  • 200,000 taxi journeys each day
  • Reach passengers in captive environment
  • Expand on your exterior advertising
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Rear Windows

Want to make the most of those inner-city traffic jams? Reach trailing motorists at eye level with rear window taxi advertising.

  • Target those driving behind your cab.
  • Several styles and options available.
  • Add an extra dimension to your taxi campaign.
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Interactive Taxis

Add interactive elements to your taxi advertising campaign to drive engagement, raise brand awareness and encourage purchases at the touch of a button.

  • Social  media competitions.
  • QR codes and call to actions.
  • Encourage instant interaction.
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Taxi Screens

Reach passengers on board through this exciting medium by advertising on interior taxi screens.

  • Expand your interior adverts.
  • Interact with taxi passengers.
  • An ever-improving format.
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