USN Taxis Star at Birmingham BodyPower Expo

London Taxi Advertising is delighted to showcase one of its latest taxi advertising campaigns, working alongside bodybuilding and protein supplements brand USN.

LTA coordinated the full livery cab campaign in Birmingham and London, with several taxi designs in multiple colours ensuring that the brand stood out against the high volumes of busy traffic and caught the eye of tourists, commuters and residents in the UK’s two major cities.

The taxis were used in Birmingham by USN to enhance their presence at the annual BodyPower Expo at the NEC which took place in May, with bodybuilders posing for a number of great PR shots with the taxis.

usn bodypower expo

Other cab designs encouraged those in Birmingham and London to “get ready for the beach” with USN’s ISOCO protein-filled coconut water drink, while another design showcased the benefits of the 12 week USN Body Makeover Challenge.

Full livery taxi advertising offers brands unbeatable promotional coverage, with the entire exterior of the cab covered in eye-catching branding. USN also opted for interior taxi advertising solutions, with tip seats and receipt pads reaching those travelling inside the famous hackney carriage.

London Taxi Advertising’s Sales Director, Paul Tremarco, said:

We’re really pleased to have coordinated an effective campaign with USN, with cabs catching the eye in Birmingham and London. USN’s use of the cabs at the BodyPower Expo further demonstrates the great PR power that taxi advertising has, and we’re very much looking forward to working together again in the future.

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