Interesting Stats

Full Wrap Taxis
12 months
Campaign Length
Number of Petrol stations in the UK

Zebra Fuel

We fill up your car

Campaign Summary:

  • Superside campaign in London promoting the Authentic Cuba
  • 90+ Cabs used over a 3 month period

Zebra Fuel enlist London Taxi Advertising to help fill up their customer base

London Taxi Advertising worked with Zebra Fuels team of designers to create a wildly eye catching campaign in London.

Utilising the natural pattern of the Zebra to promote the launch of a exciting new way to buy your fuel. Zebra Fuel takes to the streets of London in order to break into the Fuel market with an exciting new delivery service.

The creative stands out more than you think despite using the Natural Zebra camouflage pointing the target audience to the appropriate app store or play store using the icon logos.

Full wrapped black cabs are a fantastic way to target large segments and diverse audiences, offering unrivalled coverage for consumers at all levels and including commuters.

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