Interesting Stats

years of effective taxi campaigns
cabs per campaign
to target in Birmingham & London


Family-founded cakes and biscuits brand

Campaign Summary:

  • A long-term client of LTA, advertising in a number of UK cities
  • Full livery campaigns in London, Birmingham and more
  • Cabs promoting Tunnock’s wide range of products
  • Interior tip seats and receipt pads targeting those on board

Tunnock’s, a long term client of London Taxi Advertising

London Taxi Advertising regularly teams up with Tunnock’s and the Kemsley Agency to bring the biscuit and cake brand to the streets of the UK in style.

Over the last few years, London Taxi Advertising has coordinated several eye-catching full livery cab campaigns in cities such as Birmingham and London, with Tunnock’s and Kemsley Agency both delighted with the results of the campaigns.

Tunnock’s vibrant and fun branding lends itself perfectly to taxi advertising, allowing the cabs to stand out in busy urban environments and turn heads in the UK’s most populated cities.

Full livery advertising ensures every available inch of the taxi is covered by a brand’s creative, and is the perfect format for long term brand awareness campaigns.

Tunnock’s also regularly opts to use interior receipt pad and branded tip seat advertising, allowing them to target passengers travelling on board the famous black cab.