Interesting Stats

superside adverts
to target in Merseyside
rugby fans in Liverpool

Four Nations

Rugby League International tournament

Campaign Summary:

  • Colourful superside ads targeting rugby fans in the city of Liverpool
  • Interior advertising reaching fans travelling on board the cabs
  • A fleet of cabs carried the message around Merseyside
  • Superside is the perfect format for short/medium term campaigns

Superside taxis in Liverpool promoting international rugby tournament

London Taxi Advertising teamed up with Ladbrokes and the Four Nations tournament to promote the grand final of the the international rugby league competition.

The final was held at Anfield stadium in Liverpool, with the cabs travelling the length and breadth of the city promoting the event to a relevant audience of rugby fans.

Superside advertising is a cost-effective advertising format, and is ideal for raising awareness during short to medium term campaigns.

Tip seat and receipt pad advertising also targeted those passengers travelling on board the taxis.

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