Interesting Stats

cups of coffee consumed each day in UK
can recall ads seen 30 minutes before shopping
spent on instant coffee in the UK per year


High quality, Fairtrade instant coffee available in major UK supermarkets

Campaign Summary:

  • Full livery cabs promoting Percol’s new coffee range, on sale in major supermarkets such as Asda and Sainsbury’s
  • PR activity featuring free samples, a live mariachi band and social media competition using #CoolBeans
  • Targeting shoppers in London, a city home to over 1660 coffee shops
  • Brand awareness, product sales and social media engagement all the result of this campaign


Percol Coffee Cab  + Mariachi Band_Covent Garden (1)

These branded cabs were used for promotional purposes with coffee company Percol’s ‘Cool Beans’ tour of London!

London Taxi Advertising partnered with Percol coffee company, part of Food Brands Group Ltd, to coordinate a fantastic full livery advertising campaign in the capital. The cabs were also used for promotional purposes to help introduce the Percol brand to a UK audience.

The branded taxis were the perfect accompaniment for Percol’s PR strategy, with the cabs touring the city as representatives handed out delicious free samples to Londoners. The stunt even featured performances from a live mariachi band who used the cabs to travel around London.

The campaign was part of a multi-platform advertising campaign, with black cabs deemed the obvious choice to showcase Percol to the people of London!