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to target in Liverpool
Liverpudlians 'like' pizza (Facebook)
black cabs in the North West

Papa John's Pizza

Full livery taxis in Liverpool promoting the famous pizza chain

Campaign Summary:

  • Colourful full livery taxi advertising campaign with Papa John’s Pizza
  • Taxis in Liverpool promoting the chain’s new premises
  • Eye-catching cabs used for a range of great PR shots
  • An effective way of reaching a large, diverse target audience

Papa John’s cabs bring colour to Liverpool city centre

London Taxi Advertising worked with world-famous fast food chain Papa John’s Pizza on an eye-catching cab campaign in Liverpool to promote its new premises in the city centre.

This colourful cab campaign gave Papa John’s a strong presence on the streets of this famous city, with bright artwork ┬ácovering every available inch of the taxis.

The cabs were also used for a number of effective PR shots, further highlighting the marketing potential that taxi advertising can offer brands big and small.

The taxis stood out on the streets of the busy city thanks to their vibrant colours and fun design, ensuring that they turned heads as they travel across Liverpool working as effective mobile billboards.

The full livery taxi advertising campaign was the ideal way for Papa John’s to celebrate the arrival of a new restaurant and to spread the word in style.