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full livery taxis
to target in London
notice new taxi ads


On-the-go food company looking to raise brand awareness

Campaign Summary:

  • Eye-catching full livery taxi campaign in London
  • Cabs promoting on-the-go food brand MugShot
  • 25 taxis live across the city
  • Campaign enhanced with interior branding

MugShot Launches Full Livery Cab Campaign

London Taxi Advertising is proud to be promoting MugShot, the on-the-go convenient food brand, with a stunning new full livery advertising campaign in the capital.

A fleet of 25 fully wrapped taxis, in a range of stand-out, eye-catching colours, are promoting MugShot and its wide range of flavour variations to a London audience.

Cabs will travel across London, turning the heads of pedestrians and motorists, with the iconic London black cab transformed to carry the branding of MugShot.

The campaign is also targeting passengers travelling on board the taxis, with interior tip seat advertising and branded receipt pads carrying MugShot’s messaging to a wider audience.

Full livery campaign success relies heavily on the creative, and this colourful and eye-catching MugShot branding will be sure to draw attention from onlookers as they travel around London.

To find out what a full livery taxi campaign could do for your brand, get in touch with our team today.