Interesting Stats

1 month
Campaign Length
Superside Taxis
£495 Bn
Total value of the global hotel industry

Melia Hotel & Resort Group

See the unseen

Campaign Summary:

  • Superside campaign in London promoting the Melia Hotels & Resort Group
  • 100+ Cabs used over a 1 month period
  • Picturesque landscapes used to promote locations

Londoners enticed abroad with Campaign

London Taxi Advertising has teamed up Melia hotels and resort group building upon their previous campaign using eye catching landscapes from around the world.

The cabs used picturesque superside ads to target pedestrians and motorists in Greater London. Superside taxi advertising offers brands both small and large unrivalled coverage in a cost-effective way, and is an ideal format for high impact, short-to-medium term campaigns.

By targeting residents, commuters and tourists in London, the Melia group saturated its key demographic as the taxis traversed the busy streets of London, visiting hot spots and appearing outside some of the world’s most famous and iconic landmarks such as the Mall, Westminster and the houses of parliament.